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Part 2 - The Forgiveness Diet with Dr. Jendayo Grady

2/19/2016 Moderator - Jacquie Staton   

Part 1 - The Forgiveness Diet with Dr. Jendayo Grady

1/19/2016 Moderator, Jacquie Staton  The Forgiveness Diet: A Healing Guide for African American Women and the People Who Love Them 

Book Discussion Teleconference March 19, 2013

3/20/2013 Marnita Coleman  What's the B.S. About? 

Book Discussion with Dr. Melody T. McCloud

2/16/2010 Dr. Melody T. McCloud  Blessed Health 

Book Discussion with Dr. Stephanie Mitchem

12/15/2009 Dr. Stephanie Mitchem  African American Women tapping Power and Spiritual Wellness 

Book Discussion with Dr. Rita Twiggs

11/17/2009 Dr. Rita Twiggs  Loosed To Love  

An Interview with Debrena J. Gandy

11/17/2009 Debrena J. Gandy  Sacred Pampering Principles 

A Book Review with Pastor Amariah McIntosh

10/20/2009 Rev. Amariah McIntosh  The Contemplative Pastor by Eugene Peterson 

Book Discussion with Rev. Dr. Elaine M. Flake

9/15/2009 Dr. Elaine M. Flake  God In Her Midst 

Book Discussion with Dr. Susan K. Smith

7/21/2009 Rev. Dr. Susan K. Smith  Crazy Faith 

Book Discussion with Rev. Renita Lamkin

7/16/2009 Rev. Renita M. Lamkin  Holy Moly: The Spirituality of Sexuality 

Throne Room Prayer Teleconference

6/23/2009 Led by Rev. Altonnette Hawkins  A Time of Prayer & Reflection 

Book Discussion with Dr. Delores C. Carpenter

6/16/2009 Dr. Carpenter  A Time For Honor 

Throne Room Prayer Teleconference

5/26/2009 Dr. Walter M. Brown, Jr.  Igniting Prayer's Passion and Power In Us 

Self-Care Teleconference - Bishop Vashti M. McKenzie Pt. 2

5/19/2009 Bishop Vashti M. McKenzie  Journey To The Well 

Throne Room Prayer Teleconference

4/28/2009 Rev. Mary Frances Stiner  Pray Until Something Happens 

Self-care Teleconference with Pastor Carol Saunders

4/21/2009 Pastor Carol Saunders  Setting Boundaries: A Prescription for Self-Care 

Self-Care w/ Bishop McKenzie Pt. 1

3/31/2009 Bishop Vashti McKenzie  Journey To The Well Book Discussion 

Self-Care Teleconference w Rev. Amariah McIntosh

2/18/2009 Rev. Amariah McIntosh  Laughter 

Book Teleconference with Dr. Renita J. Weems

1/27/2009 Dr. Renita J. Weems  Listening For God 

Throne Room - Prayer Teleconference

1/21/2009 Minister LaTisha Tippins  Acts 16, James 5:16 

Leadership Teleconference

12/23/2008 Rev. Hawkins  Where Do We Go From Here? 

Book Review Teleconference with Dr. Teresa Fry Brown

12/10/2008 Rev. Dr. Teresa L. Fry Brown  Can A Sistah Get A Little Help? 

Self- Care - Rest

11/11/2008 Rev. Amariah McIntosh  Self-Care - Rest 

Throne Room Prayer Teleconference

10/28/2008 Rev. Brenda Burney  Luke 18 

Self-Care Teleconference

10/25/2008 Rev. Altonnette Hawkins  Setting Boundaries 

Self-Care Teleconference

10/21/2008 Rev. Altonnette Hawkins  Setting Boundaries