DIVA Member Benefits


Membership means that you will be a part of a self-care network of women serving in various ministry settings nationally and globally while creating community and self-care awareness.

We offer two types of memberships:

1. Premier Membership - $60/year (full website access with login, password, divasforchrist email account, profile/bio in the resource directory)

2. General Membership - Free (limited website access and diva-lerts)

You will make new friends and prayer partners, form collaborative ministry events and projects, support one another's ministries while building a nurturing and empowering self-care support network.

Become a Premier member and receive full benefits of being a part of this Christ-centered women's self-care focused ministry network...

* Premier members have full website access including unlimited events and announcement postings, access to videos, music, discussion forums, blogs, chats, games and more...

* Premier members reserve the use of our Zoom rooms and Divas livestream services, 10% discount on DIVAS sponsored events (special member's rate for magazine subscriptions, special events, clergy robes and ministry products, online courses, webinars, workshops, etc.)

* Premier members may create a personal login and password for full access to website features. 

* Premier members receive a DIVAS email account to use for their convenience 
(yourlogin@divasforchrist.org) and DIV-Alerts (text/email).

* Premier members may submit their ministry website as a link on our website through Leah's Links. Just send us the website address (URL).

* Premier members are featured in the Diva Spotlight.

* Premier members receive a subscription to our e-newsletter and receive DIVA-alerts (text/e-mail alerts).

* Premier members have full access to Chatroom, Discussion Forums, Music Center and Blogs.

* Premier members can post their views and place hot ministry topics on Bathsheba's Blog.

* Premier members can place prayer requests in the Prayer Box. We will be in agreement with you as we intercede for one another with prayer and fasting. 

* Premier members have full 24-hour access to member secured areas like the Prayer Request Box, Self-Care Music Center, Blogging and Discussion Forums and the Chat Rooms.

* Premier members can relax and listen to inspirational music in the Self-Care Music Center.

* General and Premier members can join our monthly ministry teleconference calls. A DIVA-lert will be sent to your email address with the teleconference number and access code.

* Premier members may submit a biographical sketch with photo for the Ministry Directory - included with Premier membership.

* General members 
pay a nominal fee of $30 to submit their biographical sketch and photo for inclusion in the Ministry & Business Resource Directory so when there is a need for your gifts, members can refer or contact you directly. All biographical sketches must be approved, meet the standards of 300 - 500 words, in 12 point Times New Roman font. Upon approval, you will receive a confirmation email that your biographical information has been added to the Ministry & Business Resource Directory. (Optional)

* Premier and General members can participate in self-care support meetings and surveys.

* Premier and General members can participate in the book club. 

* General members may post announcements for a nominal fee of $15 per announcement. All announcements must be approved and submitted no later than 2 weeks before the event.