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Hagar's Self -Care Tips


Intentional self-care is not about being self-centered but it is all about stewardship of your mind, body, and spirit so that you can effectively minister to the needs of others. 
Ministry can lead to feeling overwhelmed, unappreciated, unsupported and isolated. Intentional self-care helps to create balance and establish boundaries to restore a sense of well-being n an effort to avoid the dangers of stress and burnout. Jesus is our perfect model of self-care (Mark 1:35). Often, Jesus took time to retreat to a quiet place for rest and renewal after a long day of ministering. Before we can care for others, we must first care for ourselves.

Self-Care Tips


1. Spend quiet time daily with the Lord.

2. Have a day of Sabbath and prayer weekly.

3. Make time for recreation. Have a game night, movie night or a girl's night out.

4. Exercise - walk, jog, take an aqua-aerobic class, weight train, yoga, or any physical activity to strength your heart and promote a healthy lifestyle.

5. Keep a prayer journal of your prayer requests and answers to prayer.

6. Pray with a prayer partner at least once a week.

7. Commune with others through a prayer network, bible study, book club, support group or networking group.

8. Attend a spiritual retreat.

9. Read a good book or join a book club.

10. Learn to say No - do not over commit yourself!

11. Get a massage, facial or other spa treatments.

12. Read and study God's word.

13. Participate in worship. 

14. Listen to music.

15. Spend quality time with your family and friends.

16. Have outlets outside of the church and the ministry to create a balance. 

17. Set boundaries.

18. Enjoy hobbies and other forms of healthy recreation. 

19. After you have ministered to others take time to be replenished by spending time in God's presence.

20. Have daily prayer and devotions.

21. Take a prayer walk with other sisters for fellowship.

21. Fast and pray. 

22. Listen attentively because God is still speaking, then act on God's word.   

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