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Welcome to Divas for Christ...a women's ministry network with an emphasis on intentional clergy self care promoting sisterhood, wholeness, support and awareness for greater ministry effectiveness and collaboration.

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Last updated on November 23, 2017

Learning through Mentorship

Leadership development is essential to strengthing women serving in various settings of ministry. 

Sister circles includes a component of worship, fellowship, community building and outreach.

Prayer and Worship

We take seriously the scripture in Hebrews 10:23-27 that say not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together. We are intentional through monthly prayer teleconferences, Bible study chats and video book reviews, author's book teleconferences and scripture tea parties.


Caring is Sharing

Love for others is the hallmark trait of Christians. Our signature care events are designed and welfare of others as well as honor veterans. Here are just a few events we host in partnership with other non-profit and faith based organizations:
Red Heart Luncheon and Self Care Fair
Purple Pajama Party {Self Care}
Purple Christmas Tree Prayer Breakfast
HUGS for Veterans



Serving, Sharing and Sistering

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